Italdes implements innovative solutions for deposit and securitizing cash
Cash, although it is still the most widespread means of payment, is subject to still complicated, unsafe and technologically out-of-date management.
With Italdes smart safes, you save time and increase security, tracing cash inside your Sales Point.

Easy loading

Our safes enable easy loading of banknotes so you can deposit cash without wasting time.

Easy maintenance

The banknote acceptors of our products can be easily inspected to ensure quick resolution of any jamming problems.

Easy operation

Our cash solutions are easy to use: you will be assisted by voice guidance during every operation, and every operation is described in detail in the video tutorials made available.

BNA F3 2500

BNA Lobby

Smart safe with BNA system
Italdes smart safes with BNA system are the natural evolution of Night Safes and introduce, both at the Sales Point and in the business, a new way of working and reporting receipts in cash banknotes.
 BNA, once installed in the back office of the Sales Point, lets operators deposit receipts internally and trace the transaction. Even if the banknotes are still inside the Safe, they are virtually credited to your Bank Current Account. When BNA comes close to its maximum capacity it will independently notify the cash-in-transit Company which will schedule collection. Collections of valuables become random, no longer scheduled, to cut costs and increase security at the workplace.

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